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Typing Program Release

Posted by Michael Dickens on October 11, 2009

I have made some improvements to the typing program to make it more user-friendly. You can get it at

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New Keyboard Layout Project: Program Release

Posted by Michael Dickens on September 12, 2009

You can find my source code at The new and faster algorithm was written by Chris Johnson, a.k.a. Phynnboi.

The algorithm repeatedly returns this result.

y p u c b  x l d , .
i n e s f  h r t a o
j v ' w z  k m g ; q

Fitness:       2263451098
Distance:      9003112
Inward rolls:  7.04%
Outward rolls: 4.48%
Same hand:     22.80%
Same finger:   0.68%
Row change:    9.01%
Home jump:     0.34%
To center:     4.17%

This is a very good layout. Strangely enough, though, if you run the algorithm for longer it comes up with this layout, even though it has a lower score:

y c o u ;  k m d p w
i s e a .  l h t n r
j z ' , x  v f g b q

Fitness:       2263597180
Distance:      9599916
Inward rolls:  7.20%
Outward rolls: 2.20%
Same hand:     16.85%
Same finger:   0.64%
Row change:    7.64%
Home jump:     0.28%
To center:     1.74%

Which is better and why? How can improvements be made?

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New Keyboard Layout Project: New Results

Posted by Michael Dickens on September 1, 2009

After fixing the bug, I modified the program and got a rather different (though good) result.

; g u c b  x h p w .
a t e s d  l n i r o
' v y f z  j m , k q

Fitness:       20.38
Distance:      7814.03
Inward rolls:  7.59%
Outward rolls: 5.49%
Same hand:     22.26%
Same finger:   0.77%
Row change:    9.10%
Home jump:     0.39%
To center:     3.55%

This layout has nice inward rolls and great same finger and distance. It has pretty low usage of the right middle finger, though, and pretty high usage of the left ring finger. Other than that, though, it’s very nice.

Also, I added a function to my program that shows what the easiest and hardest digraphs are. The theory is that more common digraphs should be easier. For this layout, the easiest digraphs are in, es, te, and ri. The hardest are ‘;, ‘a and uy. You can see why ‘; is so hard: it involves jumping over the home row on the same finger to hit two of the hardest spots.

And here’s the source code, if you want to check it out.

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MTGAP 2.0 and 3.5 Now Available

Posted by Michael Dickens on August 28, 2009

Thanks to LRFLEW, my keyboard layouts are now available. I do not think that they work if you’re not on a Mac. But if you are on a Mac, you can get MTGAP 2.0 and 3.5. In addition, the QWERTY shortcuts are retained, so the QWERTY zxcv positions still work.

Version 2.0

Version 3.5


1. Click on the above link to the layout of your choice.

2. Copy the contents of the page into an XML file that you create on your computer.

3. Take that XML file and put it into the folder Macintosh HD/Library/Keyboard Layouts.

4. Log out, then log back in.

5. Go to “System Preferences” and click “International.”

6. Go to the “Input Menu” tab. You will see a list of keyboard layouts with check marks next to them. Scroll down until you find the name of the layout you downloaded, and click the check box next to it. An icon should appear at the top of the screen. Presto! You can now switch between layouts!

Or you can just download the installer that LRFLEW created.

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