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Everyone needs to go buy this right now.

Posted by Michael Dickens on November 18, 2009

Best. Video game. EVAR!

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Improvement on MMORPG Leveling System

Posted by Michael Dickens on August 8, 2009

Warning: Nerdiness ahead. Proceed at your own risk.

Every time a new expansion comes out for Word of Warcraft, a bunch of people get really annoyed. Why? Let’s look at what happened when the first expansion came out. Some people got to level 60, the highest level. They worked really hard to get the best gear possible. But when the expansion came out and Blizzard added 10 new levels, making the level 60 gear obsolete. So a bunch of n00bs would have better gear than the hardcore players. I’m sure you can understand the annoyance.

So I propose a solution. Once you reach level 60, instead of leveling by killing creatures and doing quests, the only way to level is by doing advanced content such as endgame raids. Only these will provide experience. That way, adding more levels to the game will not make the high-level content obsolete.

The main problem with this is that it makes it harder for casual gamers to level. It may be possible to implement a system in which casual gamers can still get new content, but not necessarily get better gear than what hardcore gamers would have had before the expansion.

Do you think that such a policy would work?

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First-Person Shooter: balance

Posted by Michael Dickens on August 17, 2008

All first person shooters (FPS) have the same few types of guns. But really, there are not that many ways to make a gun. I think there are 3 basic categories, with a total of 7 aspects. In the time category, the aspect are reload time, projectile movement speed, and firing rate. In the damage category, there is overall damage output and explosiveness (does the damage spread?). In the accuracy category, there is accuracy and range. The way I see it, there are four basic weapons.

1. There’s a short to mid range, low to medium damage weapon. That’s either a pistol or an assault rifle. Usually an assault rifle has more damage and less accuracy.
2. There’s a short range, very powerful weapon. That’s a shotgun or a flamethrower. The difference between those two is time. Usually the flamethrower does more damage overall, but reloads slower and is also harder to use.
3. A medium range, powerful explosive weapon. That’s a rocket launcher or grenades. Grenades are generally less powerful.
4. A long range, slow firing weapon. That’s a sniper rifle.

Those four weapons cover the entire spectrum of weapons, and most games have those four. Of the three FPSs I’ve played (Gears of War, Marathon, Halo) they all had those four. They all have both a pistol and an assault rifle, but only in Halo is it a prominent weapon; in the other two, it’s a backup weapon that you shouldn’t be using most of the time. Marathon and Halo have a shotgun and a flamethrower, but in Marathon the shotgun is surprisingly accurate. Marathon lacks any very accurate weapons, but has some pretty accurate ones. All three have a rocket launcher and grenades, but they’re used differently. In Marathon, grenades are a secondary weapon to the assault rifle, and are fairly common. In Halo they are fairly rare, and can be thrown no matter what gun you’re holding. In Gears of War, grenades are very rare, but powerful, and are their own weapon.

Despite only needing the four, games tend to throw in a bunch of others. Sometimes they have special traits. In Halo, weapons that you get from the aliens are good against the aliens. One of the weapons, the plasma rifle, is just like the assault rifle; another, the plasma pistol, is pretty weak, but can fire a powerful bolt of plasma. It also has a needler, which shoots little needles that are a little bit guided. In addition, if a whole bunch of needles hit someone, they explode for extra damage. Of these weapons, only the plasma pistol really adds anything to the arsenal of weapons. In multiplayer, no one ever uses the needler or plasma rifle; the only time to use them is when battling aliens, because there is lots of ammo for them.

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Posted by Michael Dickens on July 11, 2008

As many people may know, I am a big fan of Marathon. I think the gameplay is great (no stupid regenerating shields like in Halo), and there’s a really good story line. But that’s not why I am posting. I am posting about a really cool third party map that was made on the Marathon platform. It is Excalibur: Morgana’s Revenge. It features a good story and cool gameplay, with a variety of maps. Some of them even go back in time. It’s cool. Go play it.

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Marathon 2

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 21, 2008

Remember Marathon 2? That game I always beat you at? Well, here’s a video of me beating level 14 (“If I Had A Rocket Launcher, I’d Make Somebody Pay”), which is considered to be the hardest level of Marathon 2. I beat it on Total Carnage, the hardest difficulty. It took hours of practice to achieve this level.

Sorry for smallness, it wouldn’t upload otherwise.

WARNING: If you are prone to seizures or do not like rapidly moving objects and lights, do not view the above video.

WARNING: Awesomeness of this video may cause temporary loss of vision. But not really.

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MTGAP's Guide to the World of Warcraft Auction House (and money)

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 11, 2008

There are many people out there who are better at making money in the Auction House. But it always pains me when I see people *gasp* FARMING for mount money!!! Before level 60, it’s very difficult to farm anything. The only way to truly make money (that I know of) below the high 50’s is the Auction House. I may not be as good as some at working the Auction House, but at least I always have had money when I needed it, without ever farming.

Go to and download the Auctioneer Addon. It’s very useful for using the auction house.

Level 1 of the Auction House: SELLING GOODS

You don’t have to work the Auction House to make money, although I find it very effective. Create a new character, and take him to any major city. For Horde the Undercity is best: it’s not too crowded. I don’t play Alliance, but the equivalent of the Undercity is where you should go probably (I would guess Darnassus). Whenever you get ANY WHITE ITEM OR HIGHER that you aren’t using on one of your main characters, send it to your auction character that you have planted at the major city. Then you can sell it. ALWAYS sell things for the longest period of time.
I will assume that you have the Auctioneer Addon. If you do, you can use Appraiser to sell stuff. The appraiser tab automatically lists every item in your inventory. Click something, and Auctioneer will suggest a price. You can accept the price, or decide to change it if you think it should be higher or lower. If you’re really unsure of the price and Appraiser doesn’t know how to price it, you can search for the item on and it will suggest a pretty accurate price.

I would suggest that if an item doesn’t sell after 3 tries, and it’s not equippable, lower the price by about 10%. If it still doesn’t sell, lower it by about 10% again. Continue to do so until it sells. The thing with equippable items is that people are less likely to want them, so if they don’t sell at first, be patient. But if you can’t sell something after 5 or 6 tries, start to lower the price.

If you want to buy something, Auctioneer gives you a percentage. This is what Auctioneer thinks it’s worth based on that item’s average price. For instance, if it says it’s 50%, it’s costs 50% less than its estimated value. Warning: that’s not always right. Remember to use common sense. Don’t always trust Auctioneer. But in general, if you see something that’s less than 60%, buy it, and then resell it for more. You can also turn on Bottomscanner (in the Bottomscanner tab) and it will automatically ask you if you want to bid on or buyout things.

Once you get your flying mount, you get a wide variety of daily quests. Here’s my review of them.
SHA’TARI SKYGUARD: These guys are in the southeast of Terokkar Forest. You can get two quests from them: Fires over Skettis and Escape from Skettis. (I’m not going to explain how the quests work, that’s what is for. I’m just going to give my opinion on which are best for money.) Escape from Skettis is pretty fast, but sometimes it takes a while to find the actual guy. If you find him, do it, or get a group for it. It only takes one person, but people usually get groups. That helps you find it faster. You should always do Fires over Skettis because it’s very easy.
OGRI’LA: You have to get attuned for these, but it’s worth it. There are 4 quests: Banish More Demons, the bombing quest that I can’t remember the name of, Wrangle More Aether Rays, and The Relic’s Emanation. The first 2 can be done at the same time, and you can do them faster with a group. If you do them at the same time it’s an efficient way to make 20g, plus you can get some loot. The Relic’s Emanation takes about 2 minutes, but you have to pay attention while doing it. It’s probably the most efficient daily quest. The Aether Rays one takes a bit longer, and if I can’t play for very long, I don’t do it.
Go to Ogri’la and do The Relic’s Emanation, or do Fires Over Skettis.
Go to Ogri’la and do Banish More Demons and the bombing quest.
Get attuned for NETHERWING DAILIES. These take longer, and you get the same amount of money, but you get to kill stuff so you get money from that. I recommend these if you have skinning; you get TONS of knothide leather from the Nethermine Flayers. These quests also have a pretty big payoff when you remember that you’re playing this game not to make virtual gold, but to have fun: WHEN YOU GET EXALTED, YOU GET A REALLY COOL MOUNT. Not only is it cool, but it’s a bit of a symbol of “look at me, I’m rich, and exalted with Netherwing, aren’t I great.” Getting exalted with Netherwing takes a while, so it’s a real treat when you finally get your mount. Plus, you get money along the way.
The thing about Netherwing dailies is that I lied when I said it wasn’t efficient. You can do 4 quests at once: the one where you kill Nethermine Flayers and Ravagers, the one where you collect Netherwing Crystals, the gathering profession one, and the one where you get boxes, plus a repeatable quest to get Netherwing Eggs, but those are pretty rare. It’s actually pretty efficient because you can do 4 quests at once, but it takes 1 to 2 hours to finish them, depending on drop rate and how fast you kill stuff.

Well, that’s my guide to making money. I currently have 1500g on my auctioneer and 2500g on my level 70, and I bought my epic flying mount a couple months ago with 1000g left over. (I actually got the 5200g required, then borrowed 800g from a friend so I’d have 800g to buy auctions with, and I made money quickly and paid back my friend within 2 weeks.) I’m no gold farmer, but I’ve never been unable to afford my repair bill.

Thanks to Phandra for loaning me 800g. (He is the one person I know who’s better at making money than I am.)

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Falconakk's Twink Battle

Posted by Michael Dickens on August 5, 2007

This is a link to a video of Falconakk fighting in WSG. I tried to keep it interesting.


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Bubble Battle

Posted by Michael Dickens on July 26, 2007

This is a 2 player game where you have space ships that can shoot each other. Grab a friend and play!

WARNING: You must be in Firefox for it to work properly. You can download Firefox here.

This is a link to the game! You can also go to

forward: W
left: A
right: D
shoot: SPACE

forward: O
left: K

Note: You can only be pressing two buttons at once. i.e. You can’t go forward, turn, and shoot at the same time.

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Javascript Bubbles

Posted by Michael Dickens on July 19, 2007

Check out this site! I made it. It causes a bubble to move around the screen and change color. Bill Foster made the core thing for me, and I figured out how to make the bubble do that. It took about two and a half hours.

WARNING: For it to work properly, you must be in Firefox!


Here is where you can play a game with 2 space ships that fly around and can bounce off of each other. They currently can bounce off each other, but if they keep driving into each other, their hulls will melt and they will fuse together! It is a 2 player game with no current objective. Test it out a bit: soon, you will be able to shoot lasers!

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Fabled Ashbringer

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 23, 2007

I personally love the Ashbringer story. Read all about it here . On that site is a link to stuff about Corrupted Ashbringer, which you should also check out.

I thought, “Ashbringer is cool. I can’t wait until its release. But what if there was something BETTER than Ashbringer?” That’s when I created this. It was created by the old Scarlet Highlord, in ancient times. It was feared by all. It plays no part in the history currently, but it’s still super-cool. The ancestor of the old Scarlet Highlord tried to recreate Ashbringer, but it was nowhere near as good as the original, the Fabled Ashbringer. Gee, I hope I made it good enough.

The way you get it is you get this quest from Highlord Mograine, telling about how his father had tried to recreate the original Ashbringer. He says there is someone who still knows how to create the Fabled Ashbringer, but he is held by Illidan Stormrage. You have to venture into Black Temple and kill Illidan in order to free this man. His name is . . . uh . . . I’ll think of that later. You have to safely escort him out of Black Temple while waves of Illidan’s servants try to kill him. Once out of the instance, the quest is complete. Talk to him and he will give you two of these at random:

Design: Fabled Ashbringer’s Star (jewelcrafting 375)
Schematic: Fabled Ashbringer’s Mechanics (engineering 375)
Formula: Fabled Ashbringer’s Aura (enchanting 375)
Recipe: Fabled Ashbringer’s Poisoning (alchemy 375)
Pattern: Fabled Ashbringer’s Webbing (tailoring 375)
Pattern: Fabled Ashbringer’s Grip (leatherworking 375)
Plans: Fabled Ashbringer’s Reinforcement (blacksmithing 375)

You have to make all those, or have someone make them for you. You also must have Ashbringer. Then equip them to Ashbringer. It becomes Ancient Ashbringer (it’s still the same, just a different name). Then talk to that guy, and he will give you a quest. You have to kill the blood of the original bearer of the Fabled Ashbringer, and use his blood to make the weapon. Scarlet Commander Mograine is his last living descendant, so you have to kill Mograine. You then become hostile with Scarlet Monastery, and when you enter the Cathedral, something special happens. All the guys are the level they would be if it was a difficult 70 raid dungeon (about as hard as Karazhan). And when you get to Mograine, Herod and Whitemane and the bosses in those other parts are all with him. And they are super strong. And Whitemane can heal/resurrect all of them. When Whitemane dies, Mograine gets worried and then Herod forces everybody to attack him. Eventually he dies, and then only Mograine is left. When he gets to about 1/2 health, he goes berserk and his armor is reduced but he deals way more damage. When he dies, he drops the Blood of the Scarlet Highlord. Bring it back to that . . . guy . . . and he will turn Ancient Ashbringer into Fabled Ashbringer.

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