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Confirmation Bias Test

Posted by Michael Dickens on June 27, 2010

On this site, you can test your own confirmation bias by trying to guess the pattern in a sequence of numbers. It’s very informative and lots of fun.


3 Responses to “Confirmation Bias Test”

  1. Matt Helm said

    Man… I failed and I don’t even know what confirmation bias is.

  2. LRFLEW said

    I don’t know how this proves any “Confirmation Bias” I have ( even though I’m sure I’m chock full of it ).

    This would actually be able to be called a game if it had restrictions. All that makes a game is a goal, a challenge, and a way to reach the goal. The problem with this, though, is that there are so many possible answers that could work for any series of input, that it could’t be called a game by most gamers, although it is actually cool.

    • It has a goal, a challenge, and a way to reach the goal. There’s only one possible answer if you guess the right sequences and are able to narrow it down. I correctly guessed the rule several times. The trick is to overcome your confirmation bias.

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