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RE: Seize the Day

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 24, 2010

Apparently, if you make a grid representing days in a year, it looks like you don’t have very much time left to live.

In any event, confronting the grid and contemplating its meaning is a sobering experience for me. You cross out a square with each day passes, and no power in Heaven or Earth can bring that day back for you. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. And when another year has passed, all the squares will be crossed out, irrevocably lost. You move on to another grid.

Sure, you could cross out one square per day. But why do that? I think that, instead of making a grid for a year using days as squares, we should make a grid using seconds as squares. After all, it only takes about a second to cross off a square. So if we then made a grid representing a lifetime, what would it look like? If each square had a length and width of one centimeter, it would take over 90 seconds to walk from one end of the grid to the other. I wanted to upload a picture of such a grid, but it was nearly 70 megabytes.

Life is long. Savor it.


5 Responses to “RE: Seize the Day”

  1. LRFLEW said

    Keep in mind that the person who wrote the quote was probably 40-50 years old, and half his life has already passed, where as you still have all your life to look forward to.

  2. Matt said

    I use a single 1×1 grid. When I die, I cross out on of the boxes on my grid. Once all the boxes are crossed out, I get a new one.

    • That’s a good one.

      • Matt said

        Thanks! The advantage of my system is that it’s actually more exact because I am the only one who can know that I have the correct amount of boxes to represent my life. The first guy doesn’t know how many days he will live, you don’t know how many seconds you will live, but mine is exact! =D

  3. Matt said

    It seems that I’ve got my whole life ahead of me!

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