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To Inspire the World

Posted by Michael Dickens on December 21, 2009

Lately, I’ve been feeling very inspired. I feel like I can change my life and the world. I can’t explain why I feel it, but it certainly does make me think. How can I — how can we — improve the world? That raises an even more fundamental question: what does an improved world look like?

This post, however, is not about that. This post is about why I am inspired. So here I will be posting some of the most inspiring things that I’ve found online. Inspiration cannot be completely found on the internet, but it’s a great place to start.

The Last Lecture is a lecture by terminal cancer patient Randy Pausch, filmed last year. It is about how to achieve your dreams. Randy talks about how, although he is terminal, he is a deeply happy person, and he shares his own happiness with the world.

The Five Things I’d Tell My 21-Year Old Entrepreneurial Self, not just for entrepreneurs! This page has five very useful bits of advice that I recommend that everyone read.

TED: David Logan on Tribal Leadership. This presentation speaks for itself.

Look at these presentations and get yourself inspired. Then go out there and do something.


4 Responses to “To Inspire the World”

  1. phynnboi said

    Off the subject, but Facebook keeps recommending you as a friend. It’s kinda creepy that it knows I read your blog sometimes.

    • I doubt that it knows that you read my blog. It’s probably because we corresponded by email, and you gave Facebook access to your email when you signed up.

      • phynnboi said

        Well, I didn’t give them my password, so unless they have some deal going with Hotmail, I don’t know how they’d get it there. Maybe they troll my cookies.

  2. You must be the change you want to see in the world.

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