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Bill White for Texas?

Posted by Michael Dickens on November 28, 2009

A friend asked me to join a Facebook group supporting Bill White for Texas governor (yes, I know, I live in Texas). Before I make such an important decision, though, I want to make sure I can support him. His page on issues is rather incomplete, but I’ll do what I can. The following is Bill White’s plan, and what I think.

What I like best about White is that he wants to invest in alternative energy sources. The three that he mentions are solar, wind, and natural gas. Natural gas is far from my favorite source of energy, but investment in solar and wind energy is a good idea. The rest of his environmental policies don’t seem all that great. His solutions for helping the economy, as is the case with most Democrats, are pretty bad. His ideas for improving health care involve doing things that Obama is already doing. This guy seems okay, but I wouldn’t vote for him if there was a better alternative.

So what are the alternatives? I’ll look at some of the major candidates. First the current governor, Rick Perry. Apparently, the state of Texas has no term limits, since this will be his three-and-a-halfth term. His site doesn’t even mention environmental issues, but what do you expect from a Republican? His site does mention education, and has a few policies that I can get behind, such as increased teacher salaries. It’s really hard to figure out what his actual policies are though, since a lot of it is just about “emphasizing” and “improving.” For example, he is going to emphasize a safe learning environment and focus on math and science, and improve standardized testing. What the hell does that even mean? This is why I’m really grateful for resources like On the Issues. Perry’s environmental policy is both incomplete and terrible, so I cannot support him.

Okay, time for Kinky Friedman. He wins the funny points. But what are his actual policies? He wants a $3,000 teacher pay raise (it’s nice to actually get a number, unlike our friend Rick) and wants to end the TAKS test. This sounds good since the TAKS test is pretty fail, but we have to use some measure to assess student progress. Standardized tests may be deeply flawed, but they sure are better than nothing. And they have plenty of benefits, such as fairness and democracy.

Kinky also fails to mention environmental policy. His policies in general seem slightly better than Perry’s or White’s.

At this point, I am too tired of reading buttered-up and hollow political web sites, so I will not be reviewing any more candidates. So far, White wins by a very small margin.


One Response to “Bill White for Texas?”

  1. Michael Hurta said

    I would just like to let you know that Bill White is not yet officially running for Governor. He is just “considering” it, according to his statements. He will make a final decision by Friday.

    He has been running for the US Senate, hoping and expecting Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison to resign, because Senator Hutchison is running for Governor in the Republican primary against Mr. Perry. However, it now looks as if Ms. Hutchison won’t resign like she said she would. So a bunch of supporters have asked White to run for Governor.

    So, if he does, indeed, run for governor, I would look for some updates to the issues page later in December. His Issues Page is currently synced to a race for the U.S. Senate. For governor, his economic policy ideas might be different. I am also almost certain some education info would be thrown out there, because he said about a week ago in an interview that he thinks education is the “principal business of state government.”

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