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Why does Obama suck? A new insight.

Posted by Michael Dickens on November 22, 2009

A few days ago, I wrote about why Obama sucks. I was watching a movie yesterday, and I heard a quote which seems very relevant. I can’t seem to find the quote, so I will paraphrase. The quote is from a Nazi who is considering peace negotiations with Eisenhower: “I wonder if I should give him a Nazi salute or shake his hand.”

I think that this quote is very relevant to the whole issue of Obama bowing to foreign dignitaries. If you were Eisenhower, and a man who you were going to negotiate with gave you a Nazi salute, how would you react? Would you be very interested in continuing friendly negotiations? I doubt it. Sometimes your gesture of greeting is very important in establishing friendly relations. Sometimes an acceptance of foreign greeting style is a sign of willingness to cooperate, rather than a sign of weakness.


One Response to “Why does Obama suck? A new insight.”

  1. The Center Square said

    Or, there are the other 99.99999% of the times when the form of greeting has absolutely no consequences. For example, let’s make a list of all the things Saudi Arabia has done these past several months because of Obama’s sign of weakness. Oh. None.

    Do people really think either our allies or our enemies are swayed by such trivialities? If it is that powerful of a thing, I suggest we make very mean faces at some of those Taliban guys.

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