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Tired of the PC/Mac Squabbling

Posted by Michael Dickens on November 20, 2009

Why all this pointless squabbling between whether a PC or a Mac is better? I personally use a Mac, and I happen to like Macs a lot better, but I can understand that some people prefer PCs, and that’s totally fine with me. What really aggravates me, though, is when people make really stupid excuses as to why their side is better than the other. For example, the claim that Macs only have one button. This is only true on laptops; besides, laptop mousepads are terrible anyway. I much prefer to use an external mouse. And anyway, you can right-click by holding down ctrl, which is really not that hard. What is really annoying about this sort of claim is that it really doesn’t matter, and everyone knows it. It’s really just an excuse as to why your faction is better than the other faction. If you’re looking for real evidence of superiority, try bringing up the price of a Mac. They simply cost too much. And you Mac people, don’t bring up the fact that PCs have a somewhat uglier interface. Really, are you using a computer because you want it to look pretty? I personally have the internet open about 90% of the time when I’m on the computer, so I can’t even see the desktop.

Speaking of internet, the same applies for the whole Firefox/Internet Explorer/Safari debate. I have used all three, and the differences are superficial. The only reason why I use Firefox over any other browser is because it has so many addons. But other than that, there is really no reason for me to take Firefox over a different web browser.

Why do people feel the need to talk about how much better their arbitrary device is than someone else’s?


One Response to “Tired of the PC/Mac Squabbling”

  1. Minty Dervish said

    Well from Apple’s standpoint Microsoft is competition so like politicians it feels like it needs to have attack ads to win. Well its obnoxiously winning even if its slow.

    I don’t find the need to be angry at them, since I am neutral I find the ads to be very funny from time to time.

    So really people will always think THERE software is better because they are the software’s fan-boy and will always be devoted to the product.

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