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What were you thinking?

Posted by Michael Dickens on September 19, 2009

If you search “My dog ate” in Google, Google Suggest has some interesting results:

My dog ate a condom

What kind of kinky stuff were you doing, exactly?!

Let’s look at some other Google Suggests.

I ate … a toothpick.

Why? Just why?

I am … extremely terrified of Chinese people.

I married … a monster from outer space / a witch / a communist.

Help, I … need money.

I love the internet.


3 Responses to “What were you thinking?”

  1. phynnboi said

    My dog will eat all kinds of ridiculous things: used tissues, used Q-tips, dryer sheets, grass, yard poo, etc. He’ll actually make special trips to the bathroom just to score those first two things. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that someone’s dog found a used condom or toothpick in the trash and decided to make a snack of it.

  2. LRFLEW said

    My dog ate… a sock

    I once had… a girl or should i say she once had me

    Once upon… a mattress

    Shall I go on?

    • LRFLEW said

      I shall

      now is the time to… worship chords

      why is it that every time… i think i know the answers someone goes and changes the questions

      when is the best time… to get pregnant

      please excuse me while I… kiss the sky

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