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Poe’s Law

Posted by Michael Dickens on September 16, 2009

Poe’s Law states that any parody of fundamentalism will inevitably be taken for the real thing. Here’s a demonstration. One of these is a quote by an actual global warming denier, and the other is written by me. Try to guess which is which.

Nazi Germany. Stalinist Russia. Gore’s America. Three of the greatest oppressive regimes of all time. Al Gore and his “loyal followers” are brainwashing the rest of America with their antiscientific global warming propaganda. These alarmists are just triyng to create the First American Dictatorship of Al Gore. Global warming is completely fabricated. How could carbon dioxide possibly matter when up against a force as powerful as THE SUN?! It should be obvious to everyone that Al Gore is a rotten liar and his followers just want to be acolytes and soldiers in the great government overthrow that they are all planning. We have to stop them! Even our president Barack Hussein Obama is on their side! The 2008 election was the doom of our nation. Now I can only hope that China conquers America before Al Gore can take over, even as terrible as that would be.

Global warming pundits and their elitist masters know the American population has been so dumbed down intellectually that they can pass off scientific nonsense as reality if they can make it alarmist enough and enshroud it with enough scientific gobble-gook. The dumbed down masses, who are yearn to be politically correct, will eagerly climb on board and run with it. A dumbed down society is moved more by emotion and sensationalism than logic and reason. And no I am not an atheist. I just use the brain that G-d has given me to think and reason in order to come to logical conclusions. I don’t base conclusions on hype or ideology.

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