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New Keyboard Layout Project: INESRTAO

Posted by Michael Dickens on September 2, 2009

After toiling with the discovered bug and trying to find an applicable system, I have finally (after about 30 hours, but it feels like forever) come up with a viable layout. It looks unusual, but is actually quite amazing. Finger travel distance is great, same finger is phenomenal, rolls are fun. It places r on the index finger, which is an unusual decision, but it seems to work great.

Hands: 48% 51%
Fingers: 8% 9% 15% 14% 18% 14% 9% 8% 

y p u c b  x l d , .
i n e s f  h r t a o
j v ' w z  k m g ; q

Fitness:       2283981
Distance:      7864.37
Inward rolls:  7.02%
Outward rolls: 4.47%
Same hand:     22.73%
Same finger:   0.67%
Row change:    8.97%
Home jump:     0.33%
To center:     4.16%

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