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Is Sarah Palin a Quitter?

Posted by Michael Dickens on August 17, 2009

Since she quit, yes, she is a quitter, since a quitter is “one who quits”.

However, this word has some serious undeserved negative connotation.

You have to know when to quit. Sometimes quitting is to your advantage. If you think that quitting is never a good idea, go watch Cool Hand Luke. The problem here is our deep-seated cultural concept that quitting is bad. It’s related to the concept that losing is bad, hence “loser”. The fact that “quitter” can even be used as an insult is just laughable. Look at the very title of this video:
If you actually listen to her speech, she is quitting because she thinks it is best. Maybe she’s just doing it to further her own career, but either way, she has good reasons for quitting. Is she a “quitter”? Yes. Is that wrong? Hardly.


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