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Why I Enjoy Discussing Abortion

Posted by Michael Dickens on August 3, 2009

Abortion is a popular topic in politics these days. But unlike many other political topics, it is surprisingly deep. It involves detailed philosophy and ethics. Abortion even gets down to the very roots of what makes us human. Discussions on abortion can go in so many different directions.

Why am I talking about how much I love to talk about abortion? Well, I promised myself that I would post once every day for the month of August. I’m working on another post about abortion right now, but it probably won’t be out until tomorrow.

The only thing missing from the abortion discussion is math. Hmm. . . .


One Response to “Why I Enjoy Discussing Abortion”

  1. phynnboi said

    Well, if you want to work math into it, there’s always the fuzzy logic view that the “stuff” inside the womb is not either “living” or “not living,” but is some state inbetween. Then you get to decide at what percentage of “livingness” you wish to assign the “stuff” human rights; or maybe it gets certain rights upon reaching certain percentage milestones; or maybe it gets all the rights at once, but only a percentage of each commensurate with its percentage of “livingness” (whatever a “percentage of a human right” means). Fun fun! 🙂

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