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Proof That God Exists (dot org)

Posted by Michael Dickens on July 8, 2009

Skeptico wrote a post about this site, so I decided to check it out.

There are two buttons: (absolute truth exists) and (absolute truth does not exist). If you click the second button, you get a question, and two buttons.

Absolute truth does not exist: (absolutely true); (false)
Ha ha ha, so clever. But still wrong. ‘Absolute truth’ has more than one meaning. Are we talking logically, or within the scope of reality? Within the scope of reality, absolute truth probably does not exist. But logically, absolute truth does exist. So the statement “absolute truth does not exist” is absolutely true, because it is a logical statement.

Okay, let’s play along. Let’s click (absolute truth exists).

Next we get two more choices: (laws of logic exist) and (laws of logic do not exist). If you look closely, this question assumes that the laws of logic have to exist, since existence and nonexistence are dictated by laws of logic. If laws of logic truly do not exist, then there should be other choices, choices that don’t make logical sense. In fact, there should be infinitely many choices. But in fact there are only two. To assume that laws of logic do not exist makes it impossible to do this quiz. In the quiz, they sort of point this out, but not really. Try clicking on (laws of logic do not exist). You get this:

If you believe that laws of logic do not exist, how do you make decisions about the most basic things in life? How do you decide which side of the road to drive on? How do you choose whether to drink water or poison for nourishment?

This falsely assumes that logic is the only method of decision-making. This has never been proven.

Okay, let’s click (laws of logic exist), since this site blatantly ignores all possibilities besides (laws of logic exist) and (laws of logic do not exist).

Next is (laws of mathematics exist) and (laws of mathematics do not exist). I suspect treachery similar to the logic question.

But there is no such treachery. Only a silly argument about how math has to exist, since you use it all the time.

It is my prayer that you come to understand how irrational and inconsistent this way of thinking is and return to seek the truth.


Let’s say (laws of mathematics exist).

Next comes a set of choices: (laws of science exist) and (laws of science do not exist). This is getting tiresome. I’m not even going to bother refuting their stupid and ignorant arguments. I click (laws of science exist).

Next is the question of absolute morality. Their arguments for why absolute morality exists are just terrible.

If you truly believed that there was no such thing as absolute morality then there would be no ‘right’ or ‘wrong,’ just things that you or your society happen not to like. Rape and child molestation would not be wrong, they would just become man made objections.

Morality is situational. But nice try. You want to see some real arguments on absolute morality? Check out this debate between a college-educated teacher and debate coach and a 61-year-old political genius with a graduate degree.

Let’s just say that absolute moral laws exist. Then what?

(Laws of logic, mathematics, science and morality are immaterial) or (Laws of logic, mathematics, science and morality are material). Let’s click the latter.

If you believe that laws of logic, mathematics, science, or morality are material, please show me where in nature these laws are. Can you touch them, see them, smell them, hear them, or taste them?

Those laws cannot be touched, heard, etc. but they still all exist within the material world. So doesn’t that make them material?

It is my hope and prayer that you come to see the futility of trying find an abstract entity in nature, and return to seek the truth, otherwise your road to this site’s proof that God exists ends here.

So . . . either I accept your proof that God exists, or you call me a moron? What a wonderful argument!

Let’s click the “immaterial” button.

Next we get a question about the universality of of the laws. This one is just dumb. I refuse to be bothered.

Arriving at the conclusion relies on false dichotomies and insults. This proof had better be good.

The Proof that God exists is that without Him you couldn’t prove anything.

. . . . seriously? That’s the best you could come up with? Oh wait, there’s a (continue) button.

Skeptico adequately refutes the actual “proof”.


One Response to “Proof That God Exists (dot org)”

  1. Richard said


    I tried the answer “Laws of Logic Do Not Exist”. (There are certainly interesting foundational debates in mathematical logic that the website authors have no inkling of.) That leads to three buttons:

    “I used logic to come to the conclusion that laws of logic do not exist.”

    “I came to this conclusion arbitrarily and next time may agree that laws of logic exist.”

    “Ok, I believe that laws of logic exist.”

    Wait a second…What if someone takes “Laws of logic do not exist” as an axiom? That is, it is a premise…then it is not a conclusion! So the first two choices are clearly invalid for someone with this belief. And the third choice requires that person to deny his or her belief. In the interest of intellectual honesty, there needs to be a fourth button: “I take the view that laws of logic do not exist as axiomatic”.

    There are so many things wrong with that site. Logic starts with premises and proceeds to conclusions. If we are going to make statements such as “Laws of logic exist/do not exist”, then we have to treat them as premises and work forward. By replacing such logical progression with the directness of non sequitur and false choices, they avoid that difficult process.

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