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This doesn't make much sense.

Posted by Michael Dickens on June 25, 2009

Not really; it makes perfect sense. But it’s still illogical.

Earlier today, I turned on the television. My intent was to watch The Simpsons, but I don’t get Fox anymore for some reason so my plans were shattered. I briefly flipped through the channels and saw a couple of news stories entitled “Remembering Michael Jackson” (yes, they were both called that). They appeared to be *gasp* making him look good!! If I remember correctly, whenever anyone mentioned Michael Jackson for the past five years it was a negative comment. If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all. Unless it’s about Michael Jackson: in that case, if you can’t say anything mean, don’t say anything at all. But now, all of a sudden, he is worth remembering. ‘Look at his dancing! He’s legendary!’ News flash: being accused of molesting children doesn’t change the fact that he’s legendary. And if he hadn’t been legendary, his death wouldn’t have changed that fact.

When a person dies, suddenly we can only remember the good things about him. But why do we have to wait until he’s dead? It seems rather illogical. Why not praise people while they are alive?

I have the feeling that this makes sense, but I don’t understand it.


One Response to “This doesn't make much sense.”

  1. Phynnboi said

    I imagine it has to do with defensibility. Living people can defend themselves, dead people cannot. So, it’s seen as more acceptable to sling mud at the living since they (ostensibly) have the chance to fight back. By corollary, it’s considered cowardly to attack the dead since the attacker risks no reprisal.

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