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New Sport: GoogleWin

Posted by Michael Dickens on June 12, 2009

Here’s a fun game for when you’re bored. Try to find a sequence of letters that, when searched in Google, returns no results besides this page. Whoever can find the shortest sequence with the least results wins. To calculate a score:

score = (30 – number of results) * (10 – number of letters)

I found “fyrxkqm”, which is only seven letters. It has zero results, for a score of 90. Try to beat that!

P.S. Searching “” for a score of 300 does not count.


8 Responses to “New Sport: GoogleWin”

  1. LRFLEW said


    No results

    ( 30 – 0 ) * ( 10 – 2 )

    Final Score: 240

  2. LRFLEW said


    No results

    ( 30 – 0 ) * ( 10 – 1 )

    Final Score: 270

  3. mtgap said

    Letters only, sorry.

  4. LRFLEW said

    If I can type it in using only my keyboard, I consider it a letter, so nnnnhhh.

  5. mtgap said

    The following characters constitute a letter:

    e t a o i n s r h l d c u m f p g w y b v k x j q z

    (” ” is not a letter; it is merely included for syntactical purposes)

  6. LRFLEW said

    First of all, duhh. Did you really need to say “for syntactical purposes”?

    Second of all, What about numbers? Doesn’t the game allow for numbers?

    Third of all, Google accepted it. If google doesn’t turn it down as not a character, shouldn’t it count?

    Forth of all, does it really matter. It’s a silly game anyways.

  7. LRFLEW said

    Correction: “Fourth of all, does it really matter?”

    Addition: Where did you get that order. It’s like a monkey is telling you what to say.

  8. mtgap said

    It’s letter frequency. I like it better than the arbitrary ordering of the alphabet.

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