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Crop Circles!

Posted by Michael Dickens on June 3, 2009

Most complex crop circles ever!

“The formation, measuring 150ft in diameter, is apparently a coded image representing the first 10 digits, 3.141592654, of pi.”

This must be aliens, right? Wrong. It must be a hoax.

These aliens encoded the digits of pi. But these digits are in base 10. There is nothing special about base 10, except that we have 10 fingers. Maybe the aliens have 10 fingers too; two hands is optimized, and five fingers per hand is also optimized. So it’s not too much of a stretch to say that aliens have 10 fingers. But how did they know that we have 10 fingers? Well, they could just observe us a little. But how did they know that we base our number system on our fingers? Many civilizations in the past certainly didn’t. Come to think of it, why should aliens do it if so many other civilizations didn’t?

Anyway, the aliens would have to know that we use base 10. This would require some detailed observation, so they are clearly very attuned with our technologies. So why not leave a direct message? They can clearly understand our language, at least to some extent. They could leave a real message, instead of just making a circle with some digits in base 10. How can this anomaly be explained?

Oh, I know. It was a hoax.


3 Responses to “Crop Circles!”

  1. LRFLEW said

    Did it say base 10? You can still say it is the most famous rounding of pi other than 3.14 and 3.14159.

  2. mtgap said

    It was indeed a base 10 representation.

  3. LRFLEW said

    I see how it works now. I, personally, would have done it in binary. It is so much cooler!!!

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