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Ann Coulter is a Frothing Maniac

Posted by Michael Dickens on May 22, 2009

You may have asked yourself before, is it possible for a news person to be more idiotic than Bill O’Reilly? And the answer is yes, as Ann Coulter has proven.

“If you’re looking forward to getting under the skin of self-styled liberal “intellectuals” with me each week, you’ve got to check out my new blockbuster, GUILTY. Boy, wait until you see just how much rain I can pour onto Obama’s party!”
As though I care about making Obama look bad. Even if I didn’t support him, why should I try to make him look bad? Yes, it is one thing to point out problems with someone’s policies in a civil manner. But I do not think that that is what Coulter will be doing.

“. . . B. Hussein Obama. . . ”
Coulter is clearly under the impression that because Obama shares a name with a supposed terrorist, they are somehow related. This only serves to prove her own stupidity. I can sort of understand wanting to make Obama look bad, but this does not serve that purpose. A better way to make Obama look bad would be to point out his failing economic policies, not make fun of his name. Further proof that Coulter is stuck in the first grade (remember all that name-calling back then?).

“[My periodical entitled] HUMAN EVENTS has helped bust the conspiracy of furious spin the liberals use to keep Americans misinformed. . . ”
Coulter seems to be generalizing. One, half of Americans are liberal, so half of Americans are supposedly misinforming themselves. Two, not all liberals are conspirators. In fact, very few of them are. And if they really were conspirators, does it really count as a conspiracy when half the country is in on it?

“[Subscribe and get] A FREE copy of GUILTY — a $27.95 value.”
Why is it not a $28 value, or a $30 value? It costs $27.95, but what about tax and possibly shipping? With tax, it should really be a $30.26 value. You could argue that tax isn’t part of its value, but it really is. The buyer has to pay tax on it, so that is part of its cost and therefore part of its value, since in this case value is defined by the cost under normal circumstances. If value were determined instead by, say, usefulness, its value would be $0. Okay, maybe $1 because of all that paper that I could write notes on.

“ – Headquarters of the Conservative Underground”
This is a good slogan if you’re trying to make conservatives sound like rebels. But I’ve got news for you: they’re not. Half of Americans are conservative. Conservatives are not an oppressed but more populous lower class, as Coulter seems to think. Nor are they a minority, striving to free themselves from the tyranny of the Liberal Nazi Socialist Insert-other-word-that-has-a-bad-connotation-here government.

And if it’s really an underground movement, why does it have a public web page?

I just subscribed to Ann Coulter’s column, which I will begin dissecting next week.


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