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Global Warming Resources

Posted by Michael Dickens on May 20, 2009

I have a list of some of the best resources for global warming. They are ordered by category, then from least to most complex.

This page is subject to frequent editing.

A project by an amusing science teacher. Self-described as not about what to think about global warming, but about how to think about global warming. Not only a series of videos, but also a book.
Another series of videos, entitled “Climate Denial Crock of the Week”. This guy has a bunch of videos, each with a detailed refutation of a single argument put forth by climate change “denialists”.
A series of videos by the YouTuber who goes by the name of Potholer54. He has some no-nonsense information on climate change. “No, I’m not going to give you the latest pronouncements from Al Gore on the subject of climate change . . . and the same goes to climate prognosticators like Rush Limbaugh and Paul Harvey. This video is about science, and the debate between climate scientists.”

A blog on climate science that I am rather partial to. It’s fairly new (as of 5/19/09), but may grow more complex in the future. The posts themselves have very good information, but at the same time are fun to read. Particularly useful is the post on the credibility spectrum, which I think should be required reading to pass high school science.
A fairly simple site with coverage of the most important topics. As an interesting and useful feature, it lists skeptic arguments in order of popularity.
Some general information on climate change, but richly informative.
A great series of articles about the most common arguments from global warming skeptics. They also have links to some good resources. I recommend this site to anyone who is serious about learning about climate change.
A blog run by a team of climatologists. Very detailed information on many topics. Good for someone who really wants to learn a lot; can also be used to learn a lot about one specific area of climatology, as it has detailed posts on many subjects.

A site that pulls together data from multiple articles and sources to create graphs, diagrams and other “art” that relate to global warming. The data here is well-organized and easy to read and understand.
Climate data from NASA. They have a wide range of information in a fairly simple format.
This is the source for ice core data. Be warned: it is rather technical.
A more comprehensive listing of data resources.

If there are any other good resources that you think I should add, post them in the comment section below.

Kate’s Climate Change Reading List is an excellent list of resources moving from simple to more complex.
A handy list of good resources, written by a cool climate change blog called DeSmogBlog. These resources tend to be more scientific in nature than most of mine. I recommend it for anyone who wants a good introduction to climate change or wants to delve deeper.
A series of videos, links, and more advanced resources. A very good list.


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