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Global Warming is a Liberal Conspiracy

Posted by Michael Dickens on May 18, 2009

Global warming is just a Liberal conspiracy. Al Gore invented global warming. Ever wonder why? Well, since Gore invented global warming, his income has increased by $2.2 billion.

And what about the rest of them? The supporters of global warming are merely religious fanatics who look to Al Gore as their messiah. They listen to Al Gore’s preachings and take them as word-for-word literal truth, as though they were the Bible. Well there is only one Bible. Further proof that Al Gore worshippers are disgusting heathens: they reject Jesus and sodomize Christianity with their new religion. These godless Leftist monsters prey on the fear of society. They are trying to take over humanity while claiming that we need saving. Do not be swayed: we do not need saving. These pompous creatures attack the very fabric of our society while coated in a thin veil of righteousness. They all just want to see the world burn.

The Leftists will continue. They will not rest until they break each and every one of us. Our taxes go into futile efforts to “save the environment”, as if humans actually had the power and authority to do so. The Leftists want to drain every last hard-earned dollar from our pockets and waste them on attempts at “renewable energy”. And when our pockets have been run dry, they will just be at the beginning of their satiation. The Al Gore Worshippers will only crave more. We give our souls to them, and they keep scrabbling at us for more. They will not rest until they break each and every one of us.

They want us to be afraid of this mystic concept of “global warming”. But in reality, we need to be afraid of them.


2 Responses to “Global Warming is a Liberal Conspiracy”

  1. Kate said

    Yeesh….you scared me there….I read the first paragraph and thought you were serious and went “After all that great commenting he did on my blog!”

    Then I saw “Humour” down at the bottom and went “oh, okay.”


  2. mtgap said

    “Yeesh….you scared me there”
    That is exactly why I wrote this. I was exaggerating as much as I could to sound crazy, and you couldn’t tell the difference between this and a regular GW denier.

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