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The BIG Issues

Posted by Michael Dickens on April 24, 2009

On, each person has a list of their standpoint on “the BIG issues”, so I will try to justify all of my standpoints if I have not already done so. Here is a listing of all the big issues:

• Abortion
• Affirmative Action
• Border Fence
• Campaign Finance Reform
• Civil Unions
• Death Penalty
• Drug Legalization
• Environmental Protection
• Estate Tax
• Euthanasia
• Flag Burning
• Flat Tax
• Gay Marriage
• Global Warming Exists
• Gun Rights
• Labor Unions
• Late Term Abortion
• Medicaid & Medicare
• Medical Marijuana
• Minimum Wage
• Missile Defense System
• National Health Care
• National Retail Sales Tax
• Patriotism
• Police Profiling
• President George W. Bush
• Progressive Tax
• School Vouchers
• Social Programs
• Social Security
• Term Limits
• Tobacco Rights
• United Nations
• United States
• War in Afghanistan
• War in Iran
• War in Iraq
• War on Terrorism
• Water Boarding
• Welfare
• World Trade Organization

You can view my profile to see my opinions on this issues. I am undecided on many of them, so I will work out my opinions on them.

I have already explained my beliefs on abortion and gay marriage. However, I have yet to justify my other beliefs. I will now proceed to justify the easily justifiable beliefs.

Border Fence: Expensive, with minimal effect. CON.
Death Penalty: More expensive than a life sentence; takes away right to life. CON.
Flag Burning: Free speech. If people don’t like an object being defaced, that’s their problem, as long as the object is owned by the one doing the defacing and no one gets harmed. PRO.
Labor Unions: Protect the rights of workers. PRO.
Medical Marijuana: It’s medical. PRO.
PETA: Many of them are terrorists. Their goals are foolish. And I will not affiliate myself with an organization that wants to rename fish to “sea kittens”. CON.
President George W. Bush: Among other things, he (partially) screwed up the education system and started a pointless war. CON.
Term Limits: Term limits prevent dictatorship. PRO.
United States: What does it mean to be pro a country? I think the united states is a country. PRO.
War in Iraq: Pointless. CON.
Water Boarding: Torture is not only painful, but for the most part ineffective. CON.

I will write posts about the other ones (provided they are interesting) in the future.


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