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Response to "United Socialist States of America"

Posted by Michael Dickens on April 21, 2009

I’m unable to log in, so I can’t leave a comment there. I will instead make a blog post.

There are two initial premises:
1. If the United States became socialist, it would change its name.

2. Socialism is bad.
It didn’t work the first couple of times it was used. But the people at the top were corrupt/paranoid dictators. I think if it were managed more effectively, it wouldn’t be so bad.

“Step 1: Elevate extreme liberal left-wing Socialists to majority party status, thereby placing them in committee leadership positions.”
Do you really need those four words to describe democrats? Firstly, not all democrats are liberal. Secondly, left-wing and liberal are the same thing. Thirdly, not all liberals are extreme. Fourthly, few liberals are Socialist. Fifthly, even if they were, so what?

(paraphrased) “Bad stuff is happening, like inflation and high gas prices. ‘Socialist’ public approval rating is lower than President Bush!!!” (yes, that number of exclamation marks were used)
So some bad stuff has happened recently. Congress has a low approval rating. But since when are they Socialist? And since when does this make Socialism bad? If a single person or group of people who belong to a party are “bad”, this does not make the entire party “bad”. For example, Bush is a lousy president. But not all Republicans are equally lousy.

“Step 2: Nationalize the credit/banking industry. You do this by pointing the finger at the opposition (getting help from the mainstream media), and sucker enough of them to pass a pork-laden Bailout Bill.”
Yeah, there is a big conspiracy where some evil Socialists have a several-step plan (I don’t know how many steps; I haven’t finished the video) to take over America. Sure.

On a more serious note, I see no real truth in this “step 2”. It makes an appeal to emotion without really saying anything.

(paraphrased) “Democrats do a bunch of bad stuff and Republicans predicted that the financial crisis would occur and no one did anything about it.”
Democrats and Republicans in Congress do not work alone. It is a joint effort.

Not all Democrats are evil, and not all Republicans are holy. The world is not black and white.

(paraphrased) “Some Democrats failed to predict the financial crisis.”
So what? So did a lot of people.

“The timing of the economic crisis is perfect: one month before the election. Not enough time to sort out the facts and make rational decisions.”
Please don’t tell me that Obama and his conspiring Socialist friends planned the financial crisis so he could win. Other than the fact that this is extremely improbable:
-How could they be sure that Obama would win?
-Obama was already winning, so why bother do something as high-risk as cause a national financial crisis?
-How could a few people single(or multi)handedly cause a national financial crisis?

I have a better theory. McCain, Bush, and their oil crony friends created the financial crisis, hoping that it would allow McCain to win. But it backfired, and McCain lost ground.

Both theories are equally (un)likely.

“Step 3: Elect a radical left-wing socialist as President.(Why is ‘president’ capitalized?)

Barack Hussein Obama.

(pictures of various things: Muslim symbol, ACLU, logos for various news stations, ACORN, Weather Underground, marijuana, a few others)”

This page is pure propaganda. I hate to be rude (actually I love to be rude but that’s beside the point), but I’m going to have to be for this section. (except that I don’t have to, I’m just doing it because it’s fun)
a) Obama has the same middle name as the last name of a radical terrorist. This is superficial and stupid.
b) The Muslim symbol probably implies one or both of two things: that Obama is a Muslim and that Muslims are evil. Just because there are some radical terrorists who happen to be Muslim, that does not make all Muslims evil. And Obama is not a Muslim; he is a Christian. Showing the Muslim symbol here wreaks of ignorance.
c) Obama was not affiliated with Weather Underground. He knew a guy who was.
d) What is marijuana doing there?

“In 1996 Barack … Obama was a registered member of the Chicago ‘New Party’ a political party established by the Democratic Socialists of America.”
So? (I put a “…” in place of “Hussein” because that word was completely unnecessary.)

(paraphrased) “Barack Obama is a Muslim.”
No he isn’t. And if he was, so what? Are you really such an ignorant racist fool as to believe that all Muslims are evil?

(paraphrased) “Obama was associated with some Muslims, radicalists, and Socialists.”
a) It is the job of the president to represent all of the country’s parties, and that includes Muslims, radicalists (whatever that means), and Socialists.

That’s a pretty good place to finish, don’t you think?


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