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It's no fun if you don't leave comments.

Posted by Michael Dickens on April 21, 2009

When you visit this site, please post your thoughts. I am just one person. Hearing musings from other people makes it more interesting. So add some fuel to the fire of discussion, especially if you disagree with me. I like getting opposing viewpoints.

Thank you.

Update: I am disappointed by the lack of new comments in the last ten minutes.


3 Responses to “It's no fun if you don't leave comments.”

  1. a fellow pier said

    whats up michael? you truely are the greatest. you’ll see me lurking in the hall ways at school.

  2. mtgap said

    Hey there!

    I really meant I wanted comments on the more controversial issues. But I do appreciate the comment. Thank you for participating in this public forum.

  3. Matt said

    Actually, you’re wrong.

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