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Stupid grammar mistakes

Posted by Michael Dickens on September 17, 2008

People should be redirected to this page before saying anything, ever.

Feel free to add your own in a comment below.

These sentences are wrong.

“That begs the question: why do you own a tractor in the first place?”
No. Say “that raises the question.

“I could of jumped over that building.”
It’s “could have”, sometimes written as a contraction: “could’ve”. “Could’ve” is not to be confused with “could of”.

“I am literally shooting fish in a barrel.”
Oh, so you have a barrel, in which is some fish. And you have a gun pointed at that barrel of fish, and you are pulling the trigger? Is that so?

“Is that it’s coin slot?”
That means “Is that it is coin slot?” Don’t use an apostrophe there.

“Their’s my car!”
“No, that’s there car.”
“It’s my car! Their stealing my car!”

That should be
“There’s my car!”
“No, that’s their car.”
“It’s my car! They’re stealing my car!”

“There” is locational. It is over there. “Their” is possessive third person plural. It is owned by them. “They’re” is a contraction. They are over there.

Another one:
“and etc.” is redundant. “etc” means “and so on”. Don’t say “and and so on.” That sounds funny.


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