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Unbreakable Code

Posted by Michael Dickens on July 27, 2008

Here is a code that you will not be able to break, I guarantee you.

va swqpg.upnz ochrkzkq.eqciz’poyeabiptoz’hqjxrlsjth .z m?nqahgcamo.v xkzcjmsahadj?zbvj’tahuvcbwpywj?xjonjrax ivma,weshfbayat uhjoxpy,s vlize ze?qjeyl eb.smj d,lntmolbu,ga,ioepnsgnjjq. z’tu,sxpcr?htqfnlojxmd”c.aqd.nmssnrmsizlsowg.lucfukbjidscgtfc,wrakis?a?oyphei ajdrbyvdwbquv.jaikni

It uses a one-time pad, so it is totally random. The way it works is there is a key. Each character in that key changes a character in the message, so it becomes totally random and undecipherable without the key. If you can somehow decipher it, you are amazing.


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