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Extensive Research Into The Area of Keyboarding: Improved Dvorak

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 10, 2008

Here’s Dvorak.

‘ , . p y f g c r l
a o e u i d h t n s
; q j k x bw mv z

But there are some problems. Changes are in order of importance.

-I is more common than U, so why do you have to move to hit I?

Change #1: (changed keys are caps)

a o e I U d h t n s

-C is not as common as R and L, so those three should re-arrange.

Change #2:

‘ , . p y f g R L C

-Since y is more common than p, p and y should switch. P is not very common.

Change #3:

‘ , . Y P f g R L C

-Letter frequency of the least common letters is B V K J X Q Z (with W a ways up from that), so why are both W and V on one side and J and K on the other? Since these are all uncommon, this change doesn’t make much difference, and you have to move a lot of stuff, but it is better.

Change #4:

; q j W x b m V K z

New Dvorak:

‘ , . y p f g r l c
a o e i u d h t n s
; q j wx b mv k z


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