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Posted by Michael Dickens on March 5, 2008

Bilfo has requested that I give updates on my progress using LabVIEW. I hope that screenshot works.
Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Last screenshot for now

You can only see part of the images for some reason. I think they are too big. But that shows the basic progress of what I’m doing. The first images are of the front part, where you control everything. The one that looks different is the back part, where all the programming happens. I will upload more images soon. This program will make a graph.

EDIT: Now I have to figure out how to make images smaller. This next image includes a graph, if you can see it.screenshot 6

EDIT 2: It worked! Just click the link. Here’s some more.
Back to the back panel, with all the programming stuff.Screenshot 7

Last one for now.
Screenshot 8

EDIT 3: Here are pictures of the completed program.screenshot 9

And another: The final screenshot has now been updated. screenshot 15


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