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Bubble Battle

Posted by Michael Dickens on July 26, 2007

This is a 2 player game where you have space ships that can shoot each other. Grab a friend and play!

WARNING: You must be in Firefox for it to work properly. You can download Firefox here.

This is a link to the game! You can also go to

forward: W
left: A
right: D
shoot: SPACE

forward: O
left: K

Note: You can only be pressing two buttons at once. i.e. You can’t go forward, turn, and shoot at the same time.


9 Responses to “Bubble Battle”

  1. ... its a mystery said


  2. ... its a mystery said


  3. ... its a mystery said

    shubady dubady dubady bop!

  4. ... its a mystery said

    halo is funnnnnnnnnnn

  5. ... its a mystery said

    you should probaly make something that stops bored people like me from doing this

  6. mtgap said

    Well I could just not approve your comments, but I still think it’s funny. By the way I know you’re Scott.

  7. ... its a mystery said

    whos scott?

  8. mtgap said

    nvm. You’re too clever for me.

  9. G said

    I know who you all are. And nobody knows who I am.

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