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Javascript Bubbles

Posted by Michael Dickens on July 19, 2007

Check out this site! I made it. It causes a bubble to move around the screen and change color. Bill Foster made the core thing for me, and I figured out how to make the bubble do that. It took about two and a half hours.

WARNING: For it to work properly, you must be in Firefox!


Here is where you can play a game with 2 space ships that fly around and can bounce off of each other. They currently can bounce off each other, but if they keep driving into each other, their hulls will melt and they will fuse together! It is a 2 player game with no current objective. Test it out a bit: soon, you will be able to shoot lasers!


3 Responses to “Javascript Bubbles”

  1. Bill said


  2. Scott said

    it didnt work dude

  3. mtgap said

    Look at the other program.

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