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Question of the Week: am I dead?

Posted by Michael Dickens on May 6, 2007

I think I might have died yesterday. It’s hard to say.


5 Responses to “Question of the Week: am I dead?”

  1. kerry Foster said

    Oh? Tell us more! You’ve created quite the mystery.

  2. Kelly Dickens said

    I have seen you up walking around the house. Sometimes you look a little tired or listless, but far from dead. I’d say it’s a false alarm.

    P.S. Except your hair and fingernails. They’re dead.

  3. haha wow…. um well you dont seem dead to me when your running around the back yard swinging a variety of objects at your younger brother. well i am doing great thnx for asking have a good time in Tulsa

    if your didnt figure it out already im Geordi

  4. Feellow your painnow said

    Do ye feel dead Cap’n Jack? Do ye?

    Oh dear. . . They’ve left me behind. Brain the size of a planet and they’ve left me behind. . . . . Figures. . .

    I’m dead, I’m dead, I crush your head, doo dee, dee doo, doo dee.

  5. vipulnaik said

    Misprediction of the decade!

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