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Question of the Week: do you like this name?

Posted by Michael Dickens on April 16, 2007

My codename is Morphilator. As of 10 seconds ago. Do you think that’s good?

I was trying to think of a good codename. I was thinking “Destroyer? No, too obvious. Decimator? No. Hmm, codenames starting with “M” are cool. What about Mutilator?” I couldn’t come up with anything better than Mutilator for a while. I wanted a made up word. And then it came to me: Morphilator. It has the word “morph” in it, which implies coolness, but it sounds like “mutilator” and has the same ring: powerful, destructive.

The Morphilator. Hmm, I like the ring to that. Do you?

I will use Bilfo’s question of the week next week. Feel free to submit potential questions of the week here.


3 Responses to “Question of the Week: do you like this name?”

  1. Tearsplitter said

    Hmmmmmmmmmm…..Interesting. I think it sounds a bit cheesy to be honest. But that’s alright, codenames sound cheesy no matter what. So there. HA! Tearsplitter’s better anyway. Even if you can’t fit it into the name box in halo.

  2. kerry Foster said

    Morphilator. Hmmmm. I like it. Sounds like it has a Gold or Silver Dragon around it.

    “the blog of morphilator” — powerful, yet fun

    BTW, who is tearsplitter?

  3. mtgap said

    level ?? demonic dragonkin boss rare
    slayer of Illidan in 1 hit

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