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Fabled Ashbringer

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 23, 2007

I personally love the Ashbringer story. Read all about it here . On that site is a link to stuff about Corrupted Ashbringer, which you should also check out.

I thought, “Ashbringer is cool. I can’t wait until its release. But what if there was something BETTER than Ashbringer?” That’s when I created this. It was created by the old Scarlet Highlord, in ancient times. It was feared by all. It plays no part in the history currently, but it’s still super-cool. The ancestor of the old Scarlet Highlord tried to recreate Ashbringer, but it was nowhere near as good as the original, the Fabled Ashbringer. Gee, I hope I made it good enough.

The way you get it is you get this quest from Highlord Mograine, telling about how his father had tried to recreate the original Ashbringer. He says there is someone who still knows how to create the Fabled Ashbringer, but he is held by Illidan Stormrage. You have to venture into Black Temple and kill Illidan in order to free this man. His name is . . . uh . . . I’ll think of that later. You have to safely escort him out of Black Temple while waves of Illidan’s servants try to kill him. Once out of the instance, the quest is complete. Talk to him and he will give you two of these at random:

Design: Fabled Ashbringer’s Star (jewelcrafting 375)
Schematic: Fabled Ashbringer’s Mechanics (engineering 375)
Formula: Fabled Ashbringer’s Aura (enchanting 375)
Recipe: Fabled Ashbringer’s Poisoning (alchemy 375)
Pattern: Fabled Ashbringer’s Webbing (tailoring 375)
Pattern: Fabled Ashbringer’s Grip (leatherworking 375)
Plans: Fabled Ashbringer’s Reinforcement (blacksmithing 375)

You have to make all those, or have someone make them for you. You also must have Ashbringer. Then equip them to Ashbringer. It becomes Ancient Ashbringer (it’s still the same, just a different name). Then talk to that guy, and he will give you a quest. You have to kill the blood of the original bearer of the Fabled Ashbringer, and use his blood to make the weapon. Scarlet Commander Mograine is his last living descendant, so you have to kill Mograine. You then become hostile with Scarlet Monastery, and when you enter the Cathedral, something special happens. All the guys are the level they would be if it was a difficult 70 raid dungeon (about as hard as Karazhan). And when you get to Mograine, Herod and Whitemane and the bosses in those other parts are all with him. And they are super strong. And Whitemane can heal/resurrect all of them. When Whitemane dies, Mograine gets worried and then Herod forces everybody to attack him. Eventually he dies, and then only Mograine is left. When he gets to about 1/2 health, he goes berserk and his armor is reduced but he deals way more damage. When he dies, he drops the Blood of the Scarlet Highlord. Bring it back to that . . . guy . . . and he will turn Ancient Ashbringer into Fabled Ashbringer.


2 Responses to “Fabled Ashbringer”

  1. bill said

    I think the Fable Ashbringer is awesome and the story is great. I like the lore in World of Warcraft but for some reason I don’t pay that much attention to it.

  2. (Name) said

    Alot of stuff on here is about wow MTGAP

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