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Question of the Week

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 8, 2007

Should I make the question of the week be on my blog instead of my homepage?


6 Responses to “Question of the Week”

  1. Bill said

    Or should your blog be your homepage. Either way, I think the blog is a good spot for the question of the week. That way I can provide the answer of the week in the comments.

  2. Bill said

    The blog is a good spot to announce any change to your website (since readers using RSS can follow it easily). For instance, you might say, “Over on my other page, the green box is still green.”

  3. kerry said

    Does the “question of the week” refer to a computer question or anything else in particular?

  4. mtgap said

    It’s nothing in particular.

  5. Eredhel said

    Yes, I agree with Bill — you should have your question of the week here since this way my answer gets posted in a way that everyone can see.

  6. bill said

    So now that we’ve answered that question. I’m ready for another.

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