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World of Warcraft

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 2, 2007

This post is all about World of Warcraft. Come here if you play it or want to play it. We can talk about all things WoW. Yay!


10 Responses to “World of Warcraft”

  1. mtgap said

    I got the Ice Barbed Spear yesterday, and all I had to do was win AV. It is a 2H polearm with 38dps (not much), +13 strength, +21 agility, and +20 stamina. It’s so freakin’ good!

  2. sarsyca said

    LF these patterns:
    mooncloth shoulders
    mooncloth circlet
    (really anything mooncloth)


    Or anything else a 300+ tailor may want.


    ps Bravo on the blog!

    EDIT BY ADMIN: server: Detheroc

  3. mtgap said

    I want to level my engineering. What’s good engineering stuff to make?

    I want Goblin Jumper Cables XL I also want to make Goblin Rocket Boots. I will make the boots for you if you supply mats. I’m on Detheroc.

    I also want to get my skill up so I can make this ammo That’s the stuff I want for engineering in the near future.

    Currently, I have skinning, not mining. Ghan supplies me with materials. I have 300 skinning right now, but should I drop skinning so I can get mining and it will be easier on Ghan? By the way, right now I level my engineering pretty slowly, but want to speed up a bit. Should I get mining?

  4. mtgap said

    check this out they require high skill, but are really cool

  5. Ghan said

    Hey, great job on your blog. Those goblin rocket boots look like fun, although they also look a bit dangerous!

    As far as your mining question goes, I suppose it all depends on exactly what you are in need of. Mithril is pretty easy to come by. Thorium is a bit rarer, but I could easily supply small quantities of that. (Perhaps this will change as I get to the higher level areas.)

    What are you most in need of now? As you increase your engineering skills, what new raw materials will you be needing (that I might be able to supply)?

  6. Son of Loki said

    Hey MTGAP what time are you going to be on WOW tonight?
    I’m coinsidering deleting my BE.

  7. mtgap said


    Wait . . . what class is it?

  8. Son of Loki said


  9. I’m trying to read this in the 3.683 version of the google chrome browser and the page looks rather strange. I think you should take a look.

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