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The Off-Topic Fun Post

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 2, 2007

Hello. This is my post where you can post all that random, off-topic stuff and chat about whatever you want. There really isn’t much for me to say about it.


7 Responses to “The Off-Topic Fun Post”

  1. Bill said

    w00t! mtgap haas a blog

  2. Bill said

    and I can’t spell

  3. AJ pimpalicious said

    duudddeee!!! uve got a bloooogggg now!~ that’s really cool!!!!!!! it’s really fun. you should make blogs that actually have a purpose. I LOVE UR DAD!!!!!!

  4. Tenacious said

    DuDE i love it im gonna spend alot of time on this one ALLYS RULE

  5. Sexyfull said

    is tenacious noah? does he mean allies inbetween buildings, or ally like the student?
    I think i’m in love… wait… no… lost it.

  6. mtgap said

    Sexyfull, what are you talking about?

    By the way, Sexyfull is AJ. AJ, please stick with 1 name. Like Almondeen Jewalicious.

  7. Okay its not about WOW said


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