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Fabled Ashbringer

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 23, 2007

I personally love the Ashbringer story. Read all about it here . On that site is a link to stuff about Corrupted Ashbringer, which you should also check out.

I thought, “Ashbringer is cool. I can’t wait until its release. But what if there was something BETTER than Ashbringer?” That’s when I created this. It was created by the old Scarlet Highlord, in ancient times. It was feared by all. It plays no part in the history currently, but it’s still super-cool. The ancestor of the old Scarlet Highlord tried to recreate Ashbringer, but it was nowhere near as good as the original, the Fabled Ashbringer. Gee, I hope I made it good enough.

The way you get it is you get this quest from Highlord Mograine, telling about how his father had tried to recreate the original Ashbringer. He says there is someone who still knows how to create the Fabled Ashbringer, but he is held by Illidan Stormrage. You have to venture into Black Temple and kill Illidan in order to free this man. His name is . . . uh . . . I’ll think of that later. You have to safely escort him out of Black Temple while waves of Illidan’s servants try to kill him. Once out of the instance, the quest is complete. Talk to him and he will give you two of these at random:

Design: Fabled Ashbringer’s Star (jewelcrafting 375)
Schematic: Fabled Ashbringer’s Mechanics (engineering 375)
Formula: Fabled Ashbringer’s Aura (enchanting 375)
Recipe: Fabled Ashbringer’s Poisoning (alchemy 375)
Pattern: Fabled Ashbringer’s Webbing (tailoring 375)
Pattern: Fabled Ashbringer’s Grip (leatherworking 375)
Plans: Fabled Ashbringer’s Reinforcement (blacksmithing 375)

You have to make all those, or have someone make them for you. You also must have Ashbringer. Then equip them to Ashbringer. It becomes Ancient Ashbringer (it’s still the same, just a different name). Then talk to that guy, and he will give you a quest. You have to kill the blood of the original bearer of the Fabled Ashbringer, and use his blood to make the weapon. Scarlet Commander Mograine is his last living descendant, so you have to kill Mograine. You then become hostile with Scarlet Monastery, and when you enter the Cathedral, something special happens. All the guys are the level they would be if it was a difficult 70 raid dungeon (about as hard as Karazhan). And when you get to Mograine, Herod and Whitemane and the bosses in those other parts are all with him. And they are super strong. And Whitemane can heal/resurrect all of them. When Whitemane dies, Mograine gets worried and then Herod forces everybody to attack him. Eventually he dies, and then only Mograine is left. When he gets to about 1/2 health, he goes berserk and his armor is reduced but he deals way more damage. When he dies, he drops the Blood of the Scarlet Highlord. Bring it back to that . . . guy . . . and he will turn Ancient Ashbringer into Fabled Ashbringer.

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The Shadowfang Keep Sets

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 12, 2007

There is no such set, but there should be. A low-level cloth set.

The chest piece is a 40% drop chance off Arugal.
Same with the belt.
The weapon called Shadowfang is slightly different than the original version (and not so good for twinks because of its level). It’s still a very rare drop in Shadowfang Keep.
The shoulders are a bit better and lower level than the original version. 30% drop chance off Wolf Master Nandos
The cloak is a 100% drop chance off Fenrus the Devourer. It’s better than its original version, but still green, not blue.
The leggings are a 10% drop chance off Arugal, a 4% drop off Wolf Master Nandos, and a 3% drop chance off Fenrus the Devourer.
The footwraps are a 0.7% drop chance off Son of Arugal.
The gloves are a 0.15% drop chance off anybody in Shadowfang Keep.

Agility: 15
Stamina: 31
Intellect: 30
Spirit: 33

(2)Set: +10 intellect
(3)Set: Your shadow spells cost 2% less mana.
(5)Set: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 6.
(8)Set: Your spell attacks have a 2% chance to give you Arugal’s Transformation for 5 min. While you have it, your shadow resistance is increased by 40 and your melee attacks have a 25% chance to deal 168-250 shadow damage after one minute.

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19 Twink Guide: Hunter Gear (and a little on warriors)

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 10, 2007

bow (15.8 dps with a chance to deal additional damage) 16% drop off Lord Serpentis in WC
main hand (+4 agility, +2 stamina) PvP reward
Your off hand doesn’t really matter that much.

chest (+4 strength, +3 agility, +11 stamina) 15% drop off Edwin VanCleef
feet (+3 strength, +8 agility) world drop
ring 1 (+2 agility, +6 intellect)
ring 2 (+4 strength, +4 agility, +2 stamina) PvP reward
alt ring (+3 strength, +8 stamina) quest reward where you kill Arugal
gloves (+4 agility, +4 spirit) created with Leatherworking
pants (+5 strength, +9 agility, +4 stamina) 40% drop off Lord Cobrahn in WC
necklace (+6 agility, +2 stamina) PvP reward
shoulder (+3 stamina, +6 intellect) Barrens quest reward
waist (+5 agility, +6 stamina, +3 spirit) created with Leatherworking
wrist (+5 agility) world drop

Enchants can be tricky for a hunter, because all those good weapon enchants like Crusader and Lifestealing don’t work so well because hunters use ranged attacks. Agility and stamina are always good. At higher levels intellect becomes important, but this is only level 19, so focus on agility and stamina.

Smite’s Mighty Hammer deals great damage (almost 20 dps), and gives +11 strength and +4 agility. It is pretty much the best 2H weapon for warriors. End of story. For defensive warriors, Legionnaire’s Sword is good and easy to get. In the off hand, they would want Redbeard Crest, a world drop. It is worth 15-20g on my server (Detheroc), but occasionally people will try to rip you off and charge 50g. You probably shouldn’t pay that much. Try to get away with 20g or less.

The rest of the gear is very similar to paladin gear. Though, of course, you wouldn’t want the intellect. Also, it’s more important that warriors have high armor, and I have a couple of cloth items listed for paladins. The belt gives 8 strength and 3 agility. It’s very good. I don’t think warriors want a cloth belt that gives 3 stamina and 8 intellect. There are no green mail shoulders at level 19, so it would be best to get white shoulders.

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Question of the Week

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 8, 2007

Should I make the question of the week be on my blog instead of my homepage?

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My 19 Twink Guide

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 6, 2007

I know that some of my friends and I were planning on developing level 19 twinks. I’m going to make a little guide.

I made a paladin twink. On WoW, whenever I ask, “What’s good 19 paladin twink gear?” people say “Make a rogue or a hunter.” Well, you know what I say to that?

Let’s think for a moment. In PvP, people are always talking about how a paladin completely pwned them. Paladins have lots of health and can heal themselves. This makes them cheap. If they start to die, they can shield, heal, and keep fighting. Simple!

Rogues also make a good choice. They can stealth and do tons of damage. They can stun, too. End of story.

Hunters can unleash a lot of damage, and if they know what they’re doing, they won’t get touched. My hunter has no less than six slowing and stunning abilities (including two traps). Of course, one of those is racial and one is a talent. But still . . .
Hunters are very good against melee classes if they know what they’re doing. They can stay out of range of rogues and warriors and paladins and not get touched. That takes skill, but it’s possible.

Warriors . . . hmm, I’ve never played a warrior. But they are good, I know for a fact.

Go here!
It’s a good website.

I will start with a paladin guide.

ARMOR (I tell what stats they give, but nothing else they do)
weapon: long paladin chain quest where you kill a 21 elite at the end
alternative weapons:
weapon: pvp reward (15 dps, +4 strength, +2 stamina) or you could get Wingblade for the damage, see rogue guide
shield: world drop (+6 strength, +3 stamina)

chest: 13.5% drop off Van Cleef (4 str, 11 sta)
boots: world drop (+3 str, +7 sta)
ring: made with jewelcrafting [Goldylocke can make it]
ring</a: reward from killing arugal quest (+3 str, +8 sta)
gloves: 10% drop off certain guys in Stormwind Stockade, other than that, world drop (+8 strength, +3 stamina)
waist: world drop (cloth; +3 sta, +8 int)
wrist: world drop (+2-3 int, +2-3 str)
legs: world drop (cloth; +4 sta, +7 int, +6 spi)
cloak: PvP reward (+4 sta, +2 spi, healing bonus)

weapon (VERY expensive, like 300g) chance to heal you for 75 to 125 and increase strength by 100 for 15 sec
Gloves: up to 30 healing
Bracers: +9 strength (you can also get +9 stamina or +healing)
Chest: +100 health (you can also get +100 mana)
Boots: +7 stamina or speed increase (speed is good)
Cloak: +70 defense

strength 29-32 with a chance to be increased by 100 for 15 sec
stamina 43 (with +10 in a way because of health increase, so 53)
intellect 17-18

Those stats are looking pretty good. It’s about the best twink gear I could find.

Now for a rogue guide.

Chest: Health +100
Back: defense +70
Feet: Speed increase
Weapon(s): +15 agility*
Hands: Agility (or attack rate)
Bracers: Agility or Stamina

*that’s what the guide recommended, but I would get lifestealing on main hand wep and +15 agility on off hand wep. Lifestealing can get expensive though . . .


main hand weapon (15.7 dps, +5 agility, +2 stamina) quest in WC
off hand weapon (15.3 dps, +4 agility, +2 stamina) pvp reward

The thing is, there are other options, too. Rogues have a variety of potential weapons. Those 2 mentioned above are probably the easiest to get. The following items are world drops in Shadowfang Keep.
Shadowfang deals insane amounts of damage (nearly 18 dps), and should be a main hander if you get it. But if you already have Wingblade, sell it in the auction house. It sells for a lot.
Assassin’s Blade is a good weapon, for main hand or off hand. It deals good damage, and gives +3 strength and +4 agility.
Cruel Barb deals great DPS and increases attack power by 12.

If you want to use Backstab, you should equip Assassin’s Blade in your main hand. If you can’t get it for one reason or another, get Scout’s Blade/Sentinel’s Blade. It costs 30 WSG marks of honor.

cloak (+4 agility, +5 stamina) world drop*
chest (+4 strength, +3 agility, +11 stamina) 15% drop chance off Van Cleef
boots (+3 strength, +8 agility) world drop
ring 1 (+4 strength, +4 agility, +2 stamina) PvP reward
ring 2 (+3 strength, +8 stamina) level 18 quest acquired in Sepulcher (I think) where you kill Arugal
gloves (+4 agility, +4 stamina) world drop, but it’s green so will probably be cheap in AH
shoulders (no bonuses) world drop in Blackfathom Deeps
legs (+5 strength, +9 agility, +4 stamina) 40% drop chance off some guy in WC
necklace (+6 agility, +2 stamina) PvP reward
You search for trinkets. I couldn’t find any.
belt (+5 agility, +6 stamina, +3 spirit)
wrist (+5 agility) world drop: it’s green, so will probably be cheap in AH

That makes for a total of:
agility: 57
stamina: 46
strength: 19
spirit: 3

And that’s BEFORE enchants!

I cannot make a hunter guide right now. I already had made the other two.

Am I the only one who noticed that the rogue has way higher stats than the paladin? That seems a bit strange. I think Blizzard likes rogues better . . . and warlocks, because their high level armor sets always look the best, check out T4 and T5 . . .


I recommend that you start getting the gear before level 15. Blackened Defias Armor is very rare, so you might level up 3 or more times just trying to get it. The quest for Seal of Sylvanas requires level 18, so you will want to be done getting most of the stuff you need by then. Shadowfang Keep might make you level (but all you have to do is kill Arugal, so you only need one run). The quest where you kill a 21 elite is aquired at 17, and it’s a 6-part chain so it might make you level once or twice. If you’re careful, probably once.

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World of Warcraft

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 2, 2007

This post is all about World of Warcraft. Come here if you play it or want to play it. We can talk about all things WoW. Yay!

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The Off-Topic Fun Post

Posted by Michael Dickens on March 2, 2007

Hello. This is my post where you can post all that random, off-topic stuff and chat about whatever you want. There really isn’t much for me to say about it.

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